IT Asset Disposal

IT Asset Disposal

IT Asset Disposal Management Services in Singapore

As a crucial part of the IT management lifecycle, disposing of IT assets or equipment can be a troublesome & stressful process. Allow NM to provide you IT asset disposal services that are not only abiding by the rules and regulations but also guarantee to have your confidential data professionally destroyed or wiped with industry recognized certificate.

it disposal singapore

it asset disposal singapore

What exactly is IT disposal?

It’s not uncommon for us to hear people comment “Can’t we just throw it away?” or “Can’t we just give it to the ‘Karang Guni’ (Rags-and-bones) person?”

The truth is, doing IT disposal in Singapore takes several critical steps which all companies should adhere to if they want to make sure their data isn’t compromised and that their IT assets are indeed properly disposed of.

What happens during IT asset disposal?

When you engage NM consultancy for IT asset disposal, rest assured, you’re in good hands.

Our process is simple on the front end, and intricate behind the scenes.

·         Consultation

Our IT disposal service will vary in complexity depending on the type and scale of project our customer requires.

That’s why our dedicated team will sit in with you to understand your needs before making a proposal that best suits your intention.

·         Collection

Once we mutually have the plan mapped out, our collection experts will pick your IT assets up to get them ready for disposal.

To make sure your company’s data is secure and properly handled, we use specially designed equipment to uninstall, transfer, and transport the assets to be disposed of.

·         Clearance

With the assets collected, our in-house disposal team will get to work to start degaussing, wiping and shredding the IT assets, before disposing of any remnants according to proper legal procedures.

This step is generally the most important step, as we take measures to ensure your company’s information is completely eradicated and you’ll never be at risk of exposing data to anyone else.

·         Certification

Last but not least, NM Consultancy is an ISO 9001, SS506, BS OHSAS 18001, TAPA Secured Trunking, BizSafe Star, NEA licensed e-waste collection service provider.

Because of this, upon the completion of the project, a degaussing and disposal certification will be generated and presented so that you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that the disposal was carried out diligently, professionally and completely.

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