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About NM Group

Top Data Centre & IT Relocation Service Provider in Singapore

Who We Are?

NM Group provides industry-leading services and software to manage and implement end to end Data Centre and IT Equipment Relocation requirements in Singapore. We embark in advance technologies to revolutionize data migration and to also expand on our server relocation services.


Our Uniqueness

Over the years, we have established a set of proven server relocation methodologies to accommodate different requirements and challenges.
Our software integrates the entire relocation process from Pre-move, Actual move to Post-move as well as providing live monitoring and tracking of the actual day relocation status …

Our Vision

To be the global leader in Data Centre and IT equipment relocation service provider redefining the way relocations are conducted through our revolutionized methodology.


Our Assurances

Committing to the Excellence

As the leading service provider of data centres relocation and server migration in Singapore and region, we are committed to Delivery Excellence and setting a global benchmark in our quality standards:
ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System
SS506 PART 1: Singapore Standard on Occupational Safety & Health Management


We understand that any IT Relocation is a very critical task for all companies in Singapore. As companies goes through expansion, it not only need to upgrade its IT systems, but it also needs to ensure that its current systems are well maintained and housed in suitable locations. As server relocation specialists, we ensure smooth and secure moving of data centres.

data centre relocation

IT Relocation

We understand that any IT Relocation is a very critical task for all companies…
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data migration companies in Singapore

IT Disposal

Disposing of IT equipment plays a crucial part in the IT management lifecycle. It is a troublesome and stressful process. As such, our server relocation services will handle this task smoothly and efficiently.
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IT Professional Services

As the cybersecurity challenges change rapidly due to the advancements of mobility. NM integration services seek to provide cyber security measures to strengthen the protection of computer systems.
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“Good quality people really do make a difference”

Our staff of project managers. supervisors, engineers, and technicians are
professional., well, trained, competent, and most importantly, dependable.
Integrity and customer service are treasured core values in our business
structure and organization. Good quality people really do make a difference.

We at NM Group are committed to making use of our experiences and the advantage of the learning curve effects to ensure a high degree of success and further differentiate our professional services from others.

Our Team

About NM Group

Offering Data Centre & IT Relocation Services since

2012 As NM Group.

NM Group is one of the region’s most established, trusted service providers in Data Centre & IT Equipment Relocation. As the industry leader and service provider of DataCentre & IT Relocation solution in Singapore, our services range from technology-related relocation to full-scale physical move of the entire IT data center. We are here to fill the gap between IT Supports & Mover companies which specialize in IT Datacentre Relocation as our core business rather than offering as an add on service.

We started our footing in Singapore in 2012 as NMS and 2017 as NMC respectively.